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Leoparden Tanga von Markus

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08.01.2007 20:05
Can't escape Antworten

So für alle die's interessiert: der Text von Can't escape

Can't Escape - The Mullet Monkeys

Refrain: Ouh Ouh Ouh I can't escape

I'm walking through the rain
On my shirt there is a stain
I'm not insane

Did you ever fall into the river below
So gimme, so gimme, so gimme
One advise

I'm lying in the sun
But my mind don't shine
I can't complain

People walking around of me
But there's no duty for me
There's no duty for me

Ouh Ouh Ouh I can't escape
Ouh Ouh Ouh I can't escape
Have you ever seen me crying?
I don't care at all

Now the clouds are gone
But I still feel all alone
All this suffering around

Peace spreading bombs in the sky
Where they go I wonder why
They can't deny (weiß net wie mans schreibt, heißt aber verleugnen)
They can't deny

Ruhiger Part:
By your walking
By you talking
It don't seem you change
A single thing

Like a feeling
Like the screaming
Blood hounds chasing
Dead souls in the street

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